Campus Directory - Faculty

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Mark Abel
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
205 Health and Wellness Building 570-385-6129
Marianne Adam
Assistant Professor, Nursing
Program Coordinator, RN to B.S. in Nursing
101D Classroom Building 570-385-6061
Nicole Andel
Associate Professor of Teaching, English
209A Administration Building 570-385-6088
Steven Andelin
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Program Coordinator, Business
116 Administration Building 570-385-6080
Bonnie Angst
Senior Instructor, English
124 Administration Building 570-385-6218
Harold Aurand
Assistant Professor, History
201B Administration Building 570-385-6173
Joanne Bakel
Clinical Coordinator, Radiological Sciences
104A Classroom Building 570-385-6107
Melanie Bendinsky
Instructor, Nursing
Angela Brown
Instructor, Accounting
No on-campus phone, please contact via email.
Karen Byrnes-Noon
Instructor, Administration of Justice
Salih Hakan Can
Associate Professor, Administration of Justice
205 Administration Building 570-385-6074
Charles Cantalupo
Distinguished Professor, English, Comparative Literature, and African Studies
211 Administration Bldg 570-385-6055
Stephen Couch
Professor, Sociology
123 Administration Building 570-385-6086
Michele D'Agostino
Instructor, Kinesiology
Joseph De Markis
Instructor, Kinesiology
Jinxi Du
Instructor, Chemistry
No on-campus phone, please contact via email.
Warren Keith Duffy
Associate Professor, English
124 Administration Building 570-385-6268
Karen Fabrizio
Instructor, Nursing
Martin John Fay
Instructor, Chemistry
Nathan Fidler
Instructor, Mathematics